Blockchain Data Assurance for Business Continuity

For companies that can’t afford to lose their critical data, CyberAssureTech offers a level of immutability that other enterprise solutions cannot. It’s distributed nature offers protection from all threats including Ransomware criminals, geophysical disasters, and human error.

What do you do if you lose your data backup?

Cybercriminals are targeting corporate backups and deploying new techniques.

Think your backup is immutable?

Ask your backup provider if you can delete your backups with an admin login. If the answer is yes, your data is not truly immutable. 

CyberAssureTech offers true immutability to eliminate the possibility of losing your critical data.

Anything else is simply inferior when it comes to data recoverability. 

Designed as a bolt on to your existing backup.

Any good CISO knows a good cybersecurity strategy comes in layers. CyberAssureTech offers the final layer in the case of a worst-case scenario. Think of it as a safety net for your data, so that no matter what happens, you have something to restore from.


How does it work?

Shred. Encrypt. Distribute. Our approach to security is completely unique in the market. Our distributed model encrypts shards of your data across many nodes across many networks including every major cloud provider and an military grade ITAR compliant server room, so there is no single point of failure. Should you need to recover your data, the key to reconstitute the data lives safely on a public blockchain, and only you have access, so we can’t access your data.

“One of the most effective data assurance solutions on the market today.”

-Tony Scott
Former CIO of United States Government,
Microsoft, VMware, GM Motors

Case Studies

Therapy Clinic

Avoiding HIPAA fines for data breaches can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is what led a medium size therapy clinic to invest in the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS) as a drop-in solution to add an additional layer of security for her patient data.

Major Furniture Retailer

A large Furniture distributor was attacked in what amounted to a worst case scenario:

  • No way to scan or unload inventory from trucks
  • No way to track inventory in receiving
  • No way to process sales of deliveries

These experiences have led them to augment their existing backup policies with the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS).

Industrial Sector

Industrial sector companies often hold very sensitive client data that must be archived securely off-site.

Additionally, many companies exist in mission critical spaces where downtime is not only expensive but also very dangerous. The growing risk of attack led them to invest in the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS) as part of the company’s cybersecurity strategy.

Happy Customers

Major Biopharma Company

The longevity of our data is a critical mission in our organization. The distributive nature of this solution was exactly what we were looking for.

Hospital System in San Ysidro

Data recovery was our first security objective as we transformed our security posture. Installing the Blockchain Archive Server gave us the assurance that in any situation, we would have access to our critical data.

Major Healthcare Provider in Maryland

We wanted to implement a blockchain solution, but the cost and technical barrier to entry was too high. Now I can finally sleep at night knowing our critical data is protected.

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