Employee Perks


Turn your employees into a cybersecurity asset with personal immutable data storage.

What is it?

The Blockchain Archive Employee Perk Program offers to your employees a place to archive their important digital files in a way that no cyber attack, natural disaster or human error is able to delete or modify them.

Why offer it as a perk?

By offering the opportunity for employees to think about their own cybersecurity, the security mindset translates into corporate culture, in a way that differs from traditional security training.

Solving a big issue

“Forty-two percent of workers self-report having taken a dangerous action (clicked on an unknown link, downloaded a file, or exposed personal data) while online, failing to follow phishing prevention best practices.”

“In 2021, 83% of organizations reported experiencing phishing attacks. In 2022, and additional six billion attacks are expected to occur.”

Source: cybertalk.org

In conclusion

  1. Your company protects the well-being of your employees from cyber terrorists
  2. In turn, your employees adopt a cyber secure mindset, turning them from a liability to an asset.
  3. Subscribers will receive ongoing tips and relevant stories from our premium CyberSecure newsletter to keep security top of mind. 


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