Immutable Error Logs

If you’re keeping track of your error logs, it’s important to make sure they’re immutable. Immutable error logging means that once an error is logged, it can’t be changed or deleted. This ensures that your logs are accurate and can be used as proof if needed.

Audit logs are another type of log that are often kept immutable for similar reasons. If you need to track changes to your data or ensure that certain actions were taken, audit logs can be invaluable. Making sure they’re immutable is the best way to guarantee their accuracy.

There are many benefits to keeping your error logs and audit logs immutable. Not only does it ensure the accuracy of your records, but it also allows you to prove what happened in the event of an issue. If you need to show that an error was logged or that a certain action was taken, being able to point to an immutable record can be invaluable.

If you’re not sure whether your error logs or audit logs are immutable, talk to your IT team or log management provider. They can help you ensure that your logs are set up correctly and provide the best possible protection for your data.