Distributed Backup Archiving

for the end of ransomware negotiations

If someone had your password, could they delete your data backups?

Let’s remove that risk with a final layer of security to completely eliminate the possibility of negotiating for your data.

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A bolt on to your existing backup

Think of this as a safety net, an impenetrable line of defense should your backup become compromised. It integrates seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure, giving you total data assurance.

Simply put, anything else is inferior at securing your data

Quickly close one highly specific, mission-critical cybersecurity gap with a cost effective, military grade solution. Learn why Backup Archiving should be the first step in remediating security vulnerabilities.

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Case Studies

Ashley Furniture

Chris Caprio, a major Ashley Furniture distributor, recognizes the threat of ransomware both personally and as a business. In a previous corporate role, his personal machine was attacked, completely shutting him out of his data for about 4 weeks. In recent years, another Ashley Furniture distributor was attacked in what amounted to a worst case scenario:

  • No way to scan or unload inventory from trucks
  • No way to track inventory in receiving
  • No way to process sales of deliveries

These experiences have led Chris to augment his existing backup policies with the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS). The BAS was simple to implement alongside Chris’s existing procedures and is configured to backup multiple times per day, providing him an extra layer of peace-of-mind in the wake of a global uptick in ransomware attacks.

Precision Companies

Jason Shye of Precision Companies knows the risks all too well, having professionally experienced malware, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks over the years. Industrial sector companies like Jason’s often hold very sensitive client data that must be archived securely off-site. Additionally, many companies like Jason’s exist in mission critical spaces where downtime is not only expensive but also very dangerous. The growing risk of attack led Jason to invest in the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS) as part of the company’s cybersecurity strategy.

The decentralized nature of the BAS where no single node handles all of the encrypted backup data is an added layer of comfort for both Jason and his clients. Additionally, if an attacker manages to compromise Precision servers, the BAS and the data it handles are not affected since it exists as a separate system.

Precision Companies

The prevailing risks of the times made it clear to Laura Joslin, owner of Ability Plus Therapy Clinics, that she needed to ensure her clinics subscribed to a layered security approach. Especially so, since one of her other organizations, a non-profit school for children with disabilities, recently experienced a hacking attempt which was fortunately thwarted at the privilege escalation phase. “We’re a tiny little school with 46 kids, we’re not some big fish. Our school is our ministry, we have 46 kids with physical disabilities, our staff is 17. That’s not big, and we were still attacked.”

The devastation that could be wrought on her healthcare business, especially as HIPAA fines for data breaches can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, led Laura to Sollensys. Laura chose to invest in the Blockchain Archive Server™ (BAS) as a drop-in secure backup solution to add an additional layer of security for her patient data.

How does it work?

Our unique security approach is revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry with it’s distributed framework. Based on the same technology that keeps trillions of dollars of cryptocurrency safe, we use a distributed ledger to distribute encrypted shards of your data across many nodes across many networks, so there is no single point of failure short of an apocolyptic event. You keep the keys to your data, so only you can access it in the case of an emergency.

Knowledge center:

Aerospace origins

When our technology provider, Sollensys, was asked to build a blockchain based Supply chain solution, they knew it was the right technology to ensure ireffutable ledgers dictating the lifecycle of every part of a satellite. What they soon discovered was that their...

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Double Blockchain Architecture

By storing your data on a proprietary blockchain, and the de-encryption key on a public blockchain, your data benefits from the all distributed security blockchain has to offer at a super cost effictive price point.

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The problem with “Immutability”

Most traditional backup solutions offer some form of immutability, but there are often downfalls to this approach. Air-gapping, and read/write permissions both have vulnerabilities, and leave your data at risk of encryption, modification or deletion.  Air gap...

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What are people saying?

Many CIO’s and CISO’s are frantically trying to figure out how to protect their data from the increasingly complex attacks of Ransomware cybercriminals. Thats’s why we asked Tony Scott, the former CIO of the United Stated Government, as well as Microsoft, VMware and GM Motors what he thought of this innovative technology. Here’s his response:

“One of the most effective data assurance solutions on the market today”

-Tony Scott

Former CIO of United States Government, Microsoft, VMware, GM Motors