A safety net for your data backups

Ransomware is on the rise

The Ransomware industry is rapidly maturing as cyber criminal organizations recruit top talent, including coders, corporate data experts and even marketers. Furthermore, they are organizing with modern SaaS models, diversifying risk with focus groups such as Ransomware as a Service (Raas), Access as a Service (AaaS) and Attack Groups.

You can lose your backup

Unfortunately, terms like "Air gapped" and "Immutable" can be misleading, leaving customers overconfident to the security of their backup solution. If it is possible to erase your data using your credentials, it is possible for an attacker to do the same. An estimated 48% of successful ransomware attacks had their backup encrypted.

Achieve differentiation with innovation

Any good cybersecurity strategy will have multiple layers. Using a truly innovative distributed technology as a key differentiator, we offer a unique approach to Data Assurance. Simply put, anything else is inferior at securing your data. Cyber Assure Tech offers peace of mind in worst-case scenarios.

CyberAssureTech is the premiere partner of Sollensys, the leading industry solution for immutable, distributed data.

Create an immutable copy of your data for  Ransomware protection

Designed as a 'bolt on' system, no changes to your existing environment as required

Accepts any and all types of data

Chat with an expert

Let us walk you through Ransomware prevention best practices and answer any questions about our Data Assurance solution.

What people are saying:


"It's like buying data insurance, except you get your data back"


-Sam Peret

"Backup Is Feeble Protection Against Ransomware"



Tony Scott

“One of the most innovative and effective data assurance solutions on the market today” 

-Former Federal CIO of the United States, CIO VMWare, CIO Microsoft, CIO GM

How it works:

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A Simple Process:



Determine your 'Crown Jewels'

Your crown jewels are the pieces of information that your business can't live without. You can use your entire live backup, a portion of it, or something else completely. Our discovery process will help us understand what type of data you want to back up, and how much it can compress.


Determine your upload details

Details like cadence and # of revisions will help us understand how much storage you need. Most businesses upload their data daily, but every business is different.


We automate the rest

We automate the process using scripts on your server to upload your data to the Blockchain Archive Server. Should you ever need to recover your data due to a disaster, we assure you have access to exactly what was uploaded.



The peace of mind that comes with knowing that I am protecting my team and their livelihoods, as well as my guests... it was absolutely a no-brainer to implement the BAS.

Chris Caprio, Ashley Furniture

The ability to avoid business interruption and ensure a safe archive of sensitive client data was more than worth the investment in the BAS.

Jason Shye, Precision Companies

We'd already put a lot of cyber security tactics in place, but we had nothing like the Blockchain Arhive Server, now we feel a lot better in protecting our patients and our business.

Laura Joslin, Ability Plus Therapy


Life Science Industry

Secure Research & Recipes


Secure Business Databases


Secure Financial Transactions


Secure Patient Records

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“Once I heard about this technology, I knew I had a fideuciary obligation to bring it to my board”

-Brian Ward