Get out of jail free card

As a regulated industry, if you don’t maintain records of your transactions, you face serious legal consequences. CyberAssureTech offers a ‘get out of jail free card’ to Federal Firearms Licensees retail shops by archiving your POS system on an immutable ledger.

FFLs must comply with the federal firearms laws and implementing regulations, including the Gun Control Act (GCA) and the National Firearms Act (NFA). These statutes and regulations are designed to protect the public from the criminal use of firearms

27 CFR 478.125(e) “Failure to maintain an accurate/complete/timely acquisition and disposition (A&D) record of firearms” was the MOST frequently cited violation according to

Small businesses like FFLs are seeing an increasing number of ransomware attacks, including attacks on your backup. CyberAssureTech offers a foolproof way or ensuring that never happens, keeping you and your business safe, without a huge cybersecurity bill.

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